About Angelina

Angelina Angelic is an international burlesque starlet based in Prague. Storming the stages for over six years, her compelling bigger then life stage presence, blonde hair, and voluptuous curves have been teasing and entertaining audiences in regular shows across the Europe which are a concoction of her daring sex appeal and infectious positive energy.

She is trained in ballet and modern dance. Her acts are a celebration of femininity built around diverse strong female archetypes. She channels the charm of femme fatales, mid-century bombshells, wild lion tamers, or mythical goddesses, and mirrors it in her unique stage persona. Apart from her dancing skills, Angelina is constantly improving trained vocalist whose repertoire includes vintage songs by Peggy Lee, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich or Marilyn Monroe.

She is further inspired by the golden age of burlesque queens, old Hollywood glamour, vaudeville, cabaret, 50's & 60's rock'n'roll era, movies (film noir, MGM musicals, Technicolor movies, 40's - 80's - Wilder, Meyer, Fellini, Minnelli, etc.) and art itself.

She has gained a lot of experience while performing both as a one of the main stars of the legendary Prague Burlesque troupe (2012-2017) and as a solo performer at various commercial and private events. For more details, see the "Credits" section.

Angelina is also a burlesque instructor at her own school of burlesque and host at Ouch on the Couch show which she co-founded with burlesque dancers Therése Rosier and Arden Delacour.

Her love and passion for the world of burlesque are like a fire fuelling her to keep moving forward and give her an insatiable hunger for improvement and perfection of her acts. Angelina’s main goal is to make each performance an enchanting experience and take her audience on an inspiring journey to a completely different world filled with beauty, playfulness and positive energy. Nothing brings her greater delight than leaving the audience happy and entertained and hopefully having taken a piece of her unbounded joy for burlesque back home with them. You can hire her for dancing or singing acts or for hosting in both czech and english language.