About Angelina

Angelina Angelic is a burlesque performer with international recognition and one of the most famous dancers in Czech republic. Storming the stages for over ten years, her compelling bigger than life stage presence, blonde hair, and voluptuous curves have been teasing and entertaining audiences in regular shows across the Europe which are a concoction of her daring sex appeal and infectious positive energy. Her burlesque acts are a celebration of femininity built around diverse strong female archetypes. She channels the charm of femme fatales, mid-century bombshells, wild lion tamers, or mythical goddesses, and mirrors it in her unique stage persona. 

She has started her career as one of the main stars of the Prague Burlesque troupe (2012-2017), later she founded her own school of burlesque, Angelina Angelic’s School of burlesque (2018), regular burlesque shows Golden Burlesque in Krakow (2019) and Angelina Angelic’s and her showgirls in Prague (2019).

She gained many showbusiness experiences from various theatre productions, from atmospheric bars, luxurious theaters to opulent opera houses and as solo burlesque dancer at various commercial and private events. For more details, see the “References” section.

„Burlesque is beautiful and elegant art form, which combines everything I love dearly. Music, opulent costumes, storyline, dance and emotions. It was never only about striptease for me. I always have had a feeling that even my own soul is revealed and fully naked in front of the audience, and therein lies the true beauty. It fills me with joy to dance one of my fantasies for my audience, creating a unique enchanting atmosphere that uplifts and entertains.”

Angelina is not only burlesque showgirl but also host and singer at her own shows.

You can hire her for burlesque dancing or singing acts or for hosting in both czech and english language.

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