Who is Angelina?

She started her burlesque career in Prague in 2014. Angelina Angelic is an international burlesque star, one of the first burlesque dancers in the Czech Republic & all-round showgirl, which will elevate your event with seductive charisma, exquisite costumes and burlesque at its finest.

Angelina performed all around Czech republic and its main cities such as burlesque dancer in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen and Hradec Králové.

Glamorous burlesque act can perfectly enhance your evening, whether that be a corporate event, Christmas party, New Year’s Eve, birthday, wedding or any other celebration.

You can hire Angelina as a burlesque performer, guest, singer or as a teacher of burlesque workshops for bachelorette parties. Angelina can also organize a full burlesque show for you and make your night simply unforgettable.

Burlesque in Prague – photogallery

Angelina Angelic – burlesque in Prague

“Burlesque in Prague started around 2010 and when I joined the scene in 2012 it was still pretty much non existent. There were no teachers to learn from which made it difficult but also very exciting independent journey. Quickly I started to learn about burlesque history” says Angelina.

Golden age of burlesque which thrived in the 20-30s in America has its own origins in Europe in the Victorian era, where burlesque itself was a wider genre focused on comedy, parody and satire.
The European burlesque scene was more represented by cabaret performances with chorus girls, cancan dancers and chorus dances in various variety and theater ensembles. Only in America burlesque progressed into the form as we know now: One burlesque dancer who teases and seduces the audience!

“Burlesque is a beautiful and elegant art form, which combines everything I love dearly. Music, opulent costumes, storyline, dance and emotions. It was never only about striptease for me. I have always had a feeling that even my own soul is revealed and fully naked in front of the audience, and therein lies the true beauty. It fills me with joy to dance one of my fantasies for my audience, creating a unique enchanting atmosphere that uplifts and entertains.” says Angelina who started her career as one of the first burlesque dancers in the Czech Republic.

She has started her career as one of the main stars of the Prague Burlesque troupe (2012-2017), later she founded her own school of burlesque, Angelina Angelic’s School of burlesque (2018), under which she taught the workshops and burlesque courses all over the Czech republic, in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Pilsen, etc…..

“Burlesque in Prague developed very quickly, nowadays, even my own students, raised by me into this fabulous burlesque word have their own shows” ads Angelina.

She founded regular burlesque shows Golden Burlesque in Krakow (2019) and in Prague Angelina Angelic’s and her showgirls in Prague (2019).
Nowadays, Angelina Angelic is a burlesque performer with international recognition and one of the most famous burlesque dancers in Prague, and all Czech Republic.

Storming the stages for over ten years, her compelling bigger than life stage presence, blonde hair, and voluptuous curves have been teasing and entertaining audiences in regular shows across Europe which are a concoction of her daring sex appeal and infectious positive energy. Her acts are a celebration of femininity built around diverse strong female archetypes. She channels the charm of femme fatales, mid-century bombshells, wild lion tamers, or mythical goddesses, and mirrors it in her unique stage persona.

Angelina is not only a burlesque showgirl but also a host and singer at her own shows.
„I always felt close to classical burlesque, which is elegant but is full of emotions and can really catch the audience’s hearts. The ideal burlesque dancer for me is a woman who possesses charm and confidence and is not afraid to offer her beauty and energy to people in the audience. That kind of woman can really connect with people, and that is what it’s all about!” says Angelina.

Would you like to see what is burlesque in Prague all about? You can visit Angelina’s burlesque show in Bar and Books Mánesova.

Angelina is simply stunning! Both as performer who will brightens our every event and as professional with whom is easy and pleasant to work with.

– Překvapíto-

As an owner of Bar and Books I have a pleasure of working with Angelina Angelic for over 10 years. She has very professional approach and the most important thing is: What is agreed is done!

-Martina Peštová, Bar and Books-

Angelina Angelic is apart of sensual burlesque also charming MC full of promptness and wit and speaks english fluently. For the fourth time, we entrusted her with microphone for presenting the Prague Fetish Weekend, because… we would simply never found a better one!

-Hell Events-

For bookings of solo burlesque acts, singing, hosting or full burlesque or custom made shows:

Email: Angeliqueangelic@gmail.com
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